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Third Eye Pendant | Pink Opal

$190.00 USD

Third Eye pendant featuring custom inlay of high-fired porcelain combined with Pink Opal.
This item is handmade in the U.S, and due to the nature of this process some pieces might present some small variations, which in our opinion makes them even more unique and personal.
All our pieces are made in vermeil (sterling silver coated with 2 microns of gold) and are available in solid 14K.
Please allow 4-5 business days for gold plated pieces to be shipped and two weeks for solid gold and customized pieces.
Standard chain length is 18", please visit our custom page if you are looking for a different length or are interested on getting a personalized piece.
If you need your piece by a specific time and you are not sure if it will ship on time please email us at and we will be happy to help you!
      About the stone:
      Opal's name is derived from the Sanskrit word for 'stone'. Pink opal is typically related to emotional healing and is said to stimulate originality and creativity.
      Opal is hydrated silicon dioxide - submicroscopic silica spheres bonded together with water and additional silica. Pink opal is formed by bubbling water near volcanic ash that dissolves the silica. It is typically mined in Peru and Australia. In late 2008, NASA announced it had discovered opal deposits on Mars.