Turquoise Heart + Ethiopian Opal Ring

Turquoise Heart + Ethiopian Opal Ring

$375.00 USD

Lone Mountain Turquoise heart and Ethiopian Opal set in 14K Yellow gold. 

This is a limited edition, the turquoise heart-shaped cabs are dead stock pieces from the 70s purchased at a market in Arizona, and only 20 of them are available, they measure 6x6mm.

All Lone Heart Pieces are Made to Order so please allow 3-4 weeks for pieces to be shipped.

About the stone-

Lone Mountain Turquoise is found in the Southwest, mainly in Nevada, Colorado and Arizona, and it's famous for its spiderweb patterns and rich color, which make it one of the highest regarded types of turquoise.

Ethiopian Opal is highly valued for bright flashes of color. A discovery in 1994 began opal mining in Ethiopia. Because of it's play of color, it was considered by all in the ancient world to be the most bewitching and mysterious of gems as it possessed all the virtues of the gemstones whose colors reside within it.