I come from a Spanish-Danish family with a soft spot for various creative outlets such as painting, sculpture and industrial design.
I come up with ideas based on materials and forms rather than on their final purpose, which has lead me to work with a broad range of medias such as clay, paper, leather and a variety of metals, gemstones as well as other random materials i consider precious and interesting.
I really appreciate the challenge and beauty of artisanal manufacturing, therefore I have spent a lot of time acquiring the skills necessary to make things in a small, handmade scale rather than to lend my ideas to more efficient, less romantic ways of production.
I find inspiration on ancient civilizations, psychedelia, nature, and modern art, and I am drawn to simple shapes (sometimes organic, sometimes geometric) as well as rich color palettes. I often find myself thinking about the meaning that objects acquire depending on their context, and value their ability to serve their purpose while looking timeless and effortless.
Nowadays, I combine the design of seasonal jewelry collections with small runs of wheel thrown ceramics. I also have great interest on Marbling techniques, which i apply to my work and share with others through classes and workshops.