marbled paperTurkish Marbling (commonly called Ebru) is the art of printing multi-colored swirled or stone-like patterns on paper or any other porous surface by first floating the colors on the surface of a viscous liquid, and then laying the paper onto the colors to absorb them. I came across marbled patterns while rummaging through old books in Spain's flea markets, and immediately became interested. After a lot of research and a fair amount of trial and error, i turned my focus away from the internet and decided to contact a number of traditional bookbinders in search of someone who would be able to share their marbling secrets with me.This was 6 years ago and since then i have successfully applied marbling techniques to a number of materials such as porcelain, leather, and wood and share my techniques with other artists.
If you're interested on learning how to marble or you have an idea of a project that you would like to incorporate marbled artwork into, email me and i will be happy to discuss!
If you want to read more about the history and tradition of marbling around the world, Wikipedia has a very interesting entry.