Open Air Horizon | Snakeskin Jasper
Open Air Horizon | Snakeskin Jasper
Open Air Horizon | Snakeskin Jasper

Open Air Horizon | Snakeskin Jasper

$190.00 USD

Light and sleek, yet bold and interesting, asymmetrical and inspired by ocean tide.

These earrings are entirely made in the U.S using Ocean Jasper from Western Australia.

Due to the nature of the materials and fabrication process, every piece is different, which in our opinion makes it even more unique and personal.

This item is part of a limited edition of 12 pairs casted in silver and dipped in 18K Gold.

Approximate dimensions: 25mm round.

Please allow 4-5 business days for pieces to be shipped.  


    About the material 


    Snakeskin Jasper is a red and white banded iron formation located on Turee Creek Station in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The deposit is around 160 km south west of the town of Newman. This region is one of the biggest producers of high grade iron ore in the world.

    Banded Iron Formations are created when iron rich sediments are deposited into large bodies of calm water from underground vents. The heavy iron settles to the bottom in alternating layers, building up over millions of years. Over time, local and regional metamorphism can cause the layers to be uplifted, folded and intruded, creating unusual banding and other features. The area is part of the Weeli Wooli Formation, which has an age around 2.5 billion years old.

    The name Snakeskin Jasper comes from the snakeskin like pattern in the white bands of the stone.