Bling Shine | Marta Pia. Let Your Eye's Shine, Shop Our Replating Service. When Your Piece Starts to Lose it's Sparkle Just Send it to Us and We'll Shine it and Re-plate it.

Bling Shine

$40.00 USD

Our Next Bling Shine Deadline Date is MARCH 20th

Send your piece to us no later than MARCH 20 for April 10th return delivery.

All our pieces are high-polished and gold dipped, this process is lead and zinc free and made in the U.S. using environmentally friendly technology.

Even though we use the thickest gold coat available for jewelry (0.002 mm). It is still common for gold plated pieces to wear off over time.

How long your piece's gold lasts depends on it's exposure to oxidizing and scratching agents (like ocean water or car wheels), however we don't want you to spend time worrying about that, so when your piece starts to lose it's sparkle just send it to us by our next bling shine window and we'll shine it and re-plate it!

We Offer Bling Shine dates seasonally 4 times a year! After placing the order you will receive a pre-paid label to send your piece to our studio, It should take about two weeks from our final deadline to get back to you. 


Send us your ring but miss the spring bling shine window? - we can hold on to your piece until our next Bling shine date in the following season (4 months) or you can pay for shipping the piece back to you.

Purchase a Bling shine outside of the deadline? - we will send you your label to ship your piece to us when the next window opens. For example, if you place an order for a bling shine May 10th, we will send you a label on June 1st for our June 20th Bling Shine Deadline.

Spring Bling Shine Deadline Date: MARCH 20th