Third Eye Gold Bracelet | Mother of Pearl

Third Eye Gold Bracelet | Mother of Pearl

Third Eye bracelet featuring custom inlay of high-fired porcelain combined with Mother of Pearl.
This item is handmade in the U.S, and due to the nature of this process some pieces might present some small variations, which in our opinion makes them even more unique and personal.
Please allow 4-5 business days for stock orders to be shipped.  
Metals available:
  • 18K Gold Heavy-Plated Sterling Silver (925)
  • Recycled 14K Yellow Gold (This item is a custom order, please allow 2-3 week lead time).

Sizes available:

  • Small: fits 6-6.5" wrist approx
  • Medium: fits 7-7.5" wrist approx 


ATTENTION: Small size of this item ships Dec 17th


About the stone:
Mother of pearl is considered an organic gem, a natural organism that has been mineralized while preserving its organic structure. This material comes from a protective layer of light colored lines inside the shells of mollusks in general. Known to some as the ‘nacre’ such as on a pearl; it is the shiny layer that forms inside of the shell.
Seashells were the medium of financial exchange in many parts of the world where metals were scarce or lacking altogether. Thought to be quite valuable, a gift from the sea, and to carry the life that it once carried itself.