Third Eye Gold Bracelet | Jade

Third Eye Gold Bracelet | Jade

Third Eye bracelet featuring custom inlay of high-fired porcelain combined with Jade.
This item is handmade in the U.S, and due to the nature of this process some pieces might present some small variations, which in our opinion makes them even more unique and personal.
Please allow 4-5 business days for stock orders to be shipped.  
Metals available:
  • 18K Gold Heavy-Plated Sterling Silver (925)
  • Recycled 14K Yellow Gold (This item is a custom order, please allow 2-3 week lead time).

Sizes available:

  • Small: fits 6-6.5" wrist approx
  • Medium: fits 7-7.5" wrist approx


ATTENTION: Small size of this item ships Dec 17th

About the stone:
Jade or “yu” (meaning precious stone) as it is called in China, refers to a fine-grained, mineral aggregate composed of  highly inter-grown, interlocking crystals of Jadeite and/or Nephrite.  It was long believed for centuries that Jade was but one gemstone. In 1863 that changed and the two types of jade were recognized.
Jadeite is found in Myanmar, Guatemala, Japan and the US, whereas Nephrite is found in Central Asia, Russia, Canada, Mexico and the US among others.
It is said that in Chinese tradition, Jade symbolized all five virtues of humanity: Wisdom, Compassion, Justice, Modesty and Courage, therefore often symbols of these virtues were carved into pieces of Jade.